Saigon Academy International school

Saigon Academy International School is the pioneer in the early childhood education with the program “The Early Childhood Curriculum from the age 0”. Saigon Academy International School has applied the early educational methods in order to maximize the development of the qualities and abilities that children are possessing, to help children to establish a solid foundation for their intelligence, health and dignity in the golden period from 0-6 years old.

Early education

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Teaching Curriculum

The Early Childhood Curriculum from age 0, base on 56 Key Developmental Indicators, focuses on the following eight content areas: language, literacy and communtication, music and creative arts, social, emotionnal and life skills devolopment....

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Teaching Methodologies

Pioneering in early childhood education in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Academy International Pre-school delivers a unique curriculun from age 0 that integrates the following up-to-date proven early childhood methodologies

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Educational Counsel

The article, knowledge of “The Early Childhood Curriculum from the age 0”. The common questions, experience in the process of implementing “The Early Childhood Curriculum from the age 0”! Reference books on “The Early Childhood Curriculum from the age 0”