In the first few years, children need to be instructed to practice the essential learning skills to set a groundwork for later studying career. Early Childhood Education Program helps forming the studying habits and approaching methods so that its students can effectively earn the knowledge and acquire skills for future studying experience at other fields. The program supplies the young children with suitable experience that help them develop their potential for studying and problem solving with confidence, flexibility and consistency.


Key Development Indicators

  1. Initiative: Children demonstrate initiative as they explore their world.
  2. Planning: Children make plans and follow through on their intentions.
  3. Engagement: Children focus on activities that interest them.
  4. Problem solving: Children solve problems encountered in play.
  5. Use of resources: Children gather information and formulate ideas about their world.
  6. Reflection: Children reflect on their experiences.

Education Program

The 0-year- old Early Education program comprises of 8 key areas based on 56 crucial indicators in child development, which is used to identify fundamental learning objectives for young learners.