About us

To be a genius is defined as having “anexceptional NATURAL capacityofintellect” (optional). Whilesome people will claim that to be a genius is defined by your genes and not something that can be "squeezed"out of your child, we at SGA disagree. Numerous scientific studies have proven that this decision for most children is only partially genetic. By having the right access to high quality early education standards and methods, you will help your child tounlock that infinite and NATURAL potential within their developing brains.

Human brain research shows us that, a new born baby’s brain develops surprisingly quickly. An infant’s brain weight at birth, is about 25% developed compared to that of a mature person; 50% at the age of one; 75% at the age of two; 90% at the age of three and almost fully developed by the age of six.

Other scientific studies and practices have shown that effective early childhood education in the “golden” period (0 to 6 years old) plays an important role in stimulating the child’s long term capacityby promoting the expansion, growth and developmentof the child's brain. This key age is also the most ideal time to train, activate and expose the physical and intellectual abilities that are necessary to build strong character and qualities for the child’s future.

Saigon Academy International Pre-school is the first pre-school in Ho Chi Minh City pioneering inhigh quality early education from age 0.With flexible teaching methods and learning through play, our school and teachers provide the children with a high qualitycurriculum and learning environmentthat allows for natural yet effective learning. By using this framework we help thechildren to activate their logical thinking and unlock the full intellectual potential of their developing brains. All of this will help toevolve the child’s key thinking, physical abilities, social and life skills as well as reveal theirtalented potential as the future of Vietnam.

With modern, high quality facilities and a team of highly qualified, dedicated and experienced foreign and Vietnamese teachers, our students will become well rounded individuals with strong academic knowledge, understanding and character. In this international and bilingual educational environment at SGA, students can gain a strong foundation of not only Vietnamese but the English language–a must have for future transfers to international schools and overseas studies. SoPlease come with us and let’s "unlock your child's intellectual potential together"!