Teaching Methodologies

Pioneering in early childhood education in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Academy International Pre-school delivers a unique curriculun from age 0 that integrates the following up-to-date proven early childhood methodologies

Saigon Academy

Intensive Project-based Learning Methodology

Children have a strong tendency to learn and explore. An intensive project-based learning approach is built on the principle of satisfying the natural curiosity of the young children, enabling them to interact, ask questions, be connected, solve problems, communicate, react, and decide what to study and how to participate in this learning process. These learning experiences help children develop independent thinking skills and lifelong learning skills, in turn fostering a love of learning.

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Multi-sensory Methodology

The Multisensory method is very effective for a child that is establishing information and developing skills related to their five senses. Children are able to easily remember facts by integrating their five senses into their natural curiosity for learning. The more children experience quality stimulations in learning, the better they handle their feelings and emotions.

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Multiple Intelligence Methodology

What crucial factor makes a certain child’s intellect superior to another’s if they are identical at birth?The answer is quite simple, intricate yet effective education from an early age?

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0-year-old plan

With the objective to foster the children’s early creativity, keen intellect, personal merits, health, beauty and awide variety of personal interests and intelligences, 15 educational aspects are organized in the school for the 0-year-olds as follows: