Enjoy Christmas - Get Scholarship

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To celebrate the 2017 Christmas and 2018 New Year, Saigon Academy International Kindergarten School is pleased to share with parents the scholarship program for newly registered students: "Enjoy Christmas, get scholarship ", the details of scholarship is as follows:

  • Applicable: New students applying for any SGA campus.
  • Scholarships: 50% of the first month's tuition and 15% of the tuition fees for the remaining months of school year.
  • Registration period: From 01/12/2017 - To 31/01/2018.
  • Noted:
    1. The program only applies to newly register students.

    2. Not applicable to: (1) current SGA students, (2) temporary leave students, (3) permanent leave students, (4) Students on trial program.

    3. This program does not apply to new Kindy 5 students.

If parents have any question about the program, you can contact the admissions office at Saigon Academy campus or hotline: 0169 3333 839.

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